Healing With Your Ancestors

Healing Trauma

Ancestral Healing is a type of therapy for traumas which happen to us during this lifetime. Psychotherapy has always looked at a person’s childhood for answers as to why their patients were suffering. Treatment may consist of cognitive therapy, hypnosis, or medications prescribed by your doctor or psychiatrist. Your therapist would probably not recommend Ancestral Healing. Until now.

In the past, western medicine and psychotherapy seem to lag behind when it came to healing the mind, body, spirit, or the whole human being. Usually, contacting the Ancestors was something Indigenous people did. Through ritual and ceremony, contacting the Ancestors for help enabled a person to speak with those who care about them. The curandera or medicine woman would make contact to gain wisdom needed for healing. Imagine going to your Grandmother for advise and wisdom. Well she is still around, just in a different way. In the Indigenous view, elders are respected and honored, and when they pass, they are honored at an even higher level. You know you can trust those who love you. You ask for help from those who love you and have made a commitment to guide you.

There is a lot of hurt humans out there, and we are hurting each other at an alarming rate. There are many reasons for destructive behavior, if we cannot figure out what is causing us to lash out at each other, it will continue. The prisons are full of hurt people, who were hurt in childhood by hurt adults who were hurt in childhood by hurt adults. The cycle will continue if nothing is done. These behaviors which hurt others, sometimes severely, are hidden by a natural instinct to hide or put away traumatic events which affect a person so deeply, they cannot handle it all at once. Reiki helps to reach places within us for healing.

There are many ways to heal traumas. This process is not conventional. I use the energy of Reiki to experience a meditative state. Three to five sessions are needed begin healing. When you are in a meditative state, it is then when you will be making contact with your Ancestors. Many people remember actual experiences with their Ancestors, giving them hope and reassurance.

Read more here how you can learn about the first, second and third process of healing traumas.

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