Releasing What Does Not Serve Us

Last year is in the past, and we are beginning a new one. Like this time every year, we are faced with letting things go and starting anew. Are you trying to let go of those things which are not serving you anymore? What does this mean exactly?

We hear this all of the time in simple “to the point phrases” and social media memes. Truthfully it is not so simple, there is a lot more to “letting things go”. Especially if they tend to keep returning.

Things To Let Go and Release

  • Negative thoughts about self
  • Habits you want to break
  • Judgement about others
  • Painful past traumas
  • Painful relationships
  • Fear and worry of the unknown
  • Not fulfilling dreams
  • Regretting the past
  • Emotions related to grief
  • Emotions related to past relationship experiences
  • Emotions related to chronic pain and illness
  • Persistent old thought patterns which block us from moving forward

What a List! Unfortunately this is reality for a lot of people. So many pent up emotions which are difficult to address and release. These emotions, negative thought patterns and toxic relationships take up space in our lives. They are usually attached to life lessons so if it is not addressed the same issue/lesson will return. Life moves forward, giving these unwanted thoughts a free ride into the future. It is our choice what we want to remove and what we want to bring into our lives.

Having Faith and Courage To Let Things Go and Embrace the Future

Things which do not “serve” or support us create a block to opportunities waiting on the other side. It’s hard to see sometimes when there is so much in the way. Sometimes these self conflicts of holding onto things, go on for years robbing us of time and experiences which can open doors in our favor to a beautiful life which would never be known unless we let go and say goodbye to them. But before we can release these issues, we have to address them to find out why we are holding on to them in the first place. Just like any problem, find the root cause.

Holding On To Past Pain

Even though it may seem strange, we sometimes want to hold on to toxicity and pain. Chronic pain and illness can become part of an identity, as an attachment to disease.

We can certainly address disease by participating in the treatment of symptoms and again exploring to find the root cause, however, the goal is wellness and not to become attached and stuck in a negative outcome.

Letting Go of People

One of the most difficult things to do is to say goodbye to those who are not part of our future and those are painful, toxic and abusive relationships. Letting painful relationships go is difficult because while we are building them, there are parts which we tend to hold on to and store in our long term memory. It is instinctual that most negative experiences are put into the long term memory store, to make sure that we do not repeat the painful experience again. But sometimes the feel good chemicals like oxytocin are part of the toxic relationship that we became attached to. Once remembering the good and bad times, we might want to hold on to the relationship and also the memory of it.

That attachment is what we call “cords” in the Energy Healing profession. If you can imagine cords with sticky tentacles attaching themselves. These are cords created from toxic relationships and people that “drain’ others of energy, drawing them in leaving them feeling stuck and defenseless. Some find it hard to say no to people, learning assertiveness and how to create boundaries is essential. Letting go is part of exercising those skills.

If the relationship was abusive, a person may have PTSD symptoms with reoccurring flashbacks which are difficult to get rid of. These are definitely parts of our memory we want to release and let go.

A woman once said to me, ” My heart starts pounding, the fear is very real, suddenly I am in another world, I get pictures of the abuse, it is unrelenting. I can’t stop the pictures in my head.”

Some things can be difficult like PTSD, or other thoughts caused from traumatic memories. Having a team like a therapist, coach or other mental health professional can be helpful for more serious issues. But you must address it, make that phone call, make that appointment, make the goal; wellness.

How Meditation and Ritual Practice Can Help Us

The brain stores all kinds of information by way of electricity and chemicals. The chemicals which create our memories, can also be reversed by different ones. By practicing a ritual to keep our minds and outlook on life healthy, the habit of negative thinking is replaced by positive thinking and experience. Ritual is the key to opening the doors to manifestation. Ritual gives us a pleasant, predictable structure which reduces anxiety by giving us control over situations which may be out of control. We create a profound way of accessing well being by digging in to this self care practice. We can eliminate blocks and make way for the new. By practicing everyday, you clear out the old and create new opportunities for yourself. It takes 3 weeks to change a behavior or end a habit. You must stick to it to see results.

Ritual Practice For Clearing And Receiving

If you feel like you can effectively do this yourself, it is certainly worth a try. If you want assistance, consult with a Reiki or Energy Healing Practitioner.

  • Candles, smudge, incense, sit in a quiet room or out in nature, face East.
  • Acknowledge Creator and your Ancestors.
  • Rattle, drum and sing a mantra, sing in prayer.
  • Raise those endorphins.
  • Sit in meditation.
  • Thank Creator, acknowledge your blessings, your talents, your beauty, your spiritual soul, your love of nature, animals and the Earth.
  • Raise oxytocin by bonding with yourself, trust your intuition, trust yourself, your deep intuitive love of all you do in the world, your passions and purpose to bring new energy here on this Earth.
  • Acknowledge what is blocking you.
  • Release the stuff, the habits, the self destructive thoughts, the painful relationships.
  • See it and release the negative energy which you do not align yourself with.
  • Now inhale through your nose a deep breath filling your lungs, and extending your abdomen, hold, and then breathe out through your mouth a with of force of power, release the thing(s) which are holding you back from your purpose, do this as many times as is comfortable, do not pass out!
  • Acknowledge these negative issues are not you, they do not represent your ethics, morals and values, none of this belongs to you, it never did, move from the past to the present.
  • Motivate yourself to reach out to the present moment of peace, stay in the present and as an observer see the cords of attachment which do not serve you and keep you from your purpose.
  • With a black Kyanite crystal, Jet, Obsidian, or clearing stone of your choice, move the stone over your body while intuitively feeling where the energy feels dark and cold, a much lower vibration. With your mind’s eye, and as an observer, envision the cord attachments being cut, tied and removed. Place your hand over the spot(s) and give yourself Reiki. Take some deep breaths, breathe with thankfulness, and send the unwanted attachment cords off to Michael the Archangel to transform.
  • You are now cleared, follow up with some branches of yerba santa, sage brush or mugwort to sweep over your body.

If you repeat a meditative ritual cleansing everyday for 3 weeks, a significant change will be made. You can use this for any unwanted behavior or habit you may want to change.

In Order for you to move forward, you must acknowledge your progress. See where you are now, in the realm of your goals. If you have been successful with the clearing ritual you will be in present time enjoying the life that was meant for you.

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