I have always been inspired by Doctor, author, writer, psychoanalyst, and post-trauma recovery specialist;

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

“Estés is a poet who uses her poems throughout her psychoanalytic books, spoken word audios, and performance art as healing and expressive therapy for others”. “Her doctorate, from the Union Institute & University, is in ethno-clinical psychology, the study of social and psychological patterns of cultural and tribal groups, with an emphasis in indigenous history”.  (http://www.clarissapinkolaestes.com/)

As a post-trauma specialist, Estes has worked at natural disaster sites, with parents who have experienced child loss, murder victims, PTSD war veterans, 9-11 survivors and Columbine high school massacre survivor families.  She has been a champion for women with the importance of empowering ourselves for our work in the world.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes who is the author of “Women Who Run With Wolves” and the Wild Woman Archetype, has been a great example for me to empower myself and others.  As an Intuitive Coach for women, I believe in coaching women to step out of their comfort zone and independently begin to find alternative ways to help themselves.  No matter what the problem (challenge) there is a solution.

Ancestral and Generational Trauma

I can identify with generational and ancestral trauma coming from an indigenous background. Having ancestors from Northern Mexico who were a blend of Indigenous, African and European people, and who were also a product of colonization, they carried forward the scars from discrimination, and poverty.  They also carried forward a strong work ethic and a drive for education, reminding all of us to always look for positives as well, these are strengths which your family forwards to you which can help you in times when you really need it.

Ancestral trauma travels in families through epigenetics. Read more here about Ancestral Trauma and how trauma remains in our DNA.  Ancestral trauma can be healed by reaching the subconscious with work such as Reiki.  Energy healing therapy can help one connect with their ancestors regarding their pain.  Abuse, addictions, mental and physical health issues run in families causing trauma to occur for generations.  Discovering the past and the history of our ancestors can answer questions about the traumas they went through. Having compassion and intuitive empathy for what happened to them, helps us to begin to understand our family’s journey from past to present. The future is up to us.

What Healing Women Can Do

I see how each one of us can access our ancestral, traditional ways to help ourselves and those around us.  Each culture has a natural way to heal. Healing women are often those who have either been raised in a culture with natural healing, or through self taught practices, have learned natural, alternative ways of healing.  We live in a modern technical world, yet it may be the simplest ways of being which help us to transform our pain into peace for ourselves and others. If you are in a profession of healing, from western medicine to alternative medicine, or through a spiritual form of healing, like indigenous or pagan rituals and traditions, then you can help to heal those around you.  Women have empathy and empathy is required to gain skills in psychic or intuitive awareness.  With our intuitive awareness, developing your healing skills can develop quickly after resolving traumas in your own life and teaching others how to go forward.

My practice is about empowering women to courageously connect with their ancestors, resolve their pain, and help others.  Simple right? It takes work, we all know this, however, the sooner you meet your challenges in this life, the better your personal and/or professional life will be, because you will be experiencing authentic happiness.

Intuitive Coaching and Reiki

This website is about my work in intuitive healing which is my ancestral gift and skill to those around me.  Each of us has a gift to give.  I coach and read intuitively in addition to using my years of genealogy research.  I started out researching the genealogy of my family to try and understand what happened to my parents, their parents and their parents and so on. I learned a lot about what happened to them and how it affected their lives and children. I think the use of genealogy is a very helpful tool in ancestral healing. I also use my education in psychology to help people answer their own questions and ultimately find peace in their soul.

As a master-level practitioner and teacher of Reiki, I use energy healing to work in the auric levels of the body.  Stress can accumulate and cause inflammation and immune system disturbances, in the body.  During Reiki sessions these issues can be calmed and sometimes reversed to enable the body to heal, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Here is what I really want you to know, even if there were traumatic events in your life caused by your family, think about what you are doing in your life now, think about your gifts. Everything you are made of is the result of what your parents and their parents gave you, whether good or bad.  Even though my Mother was not close to me, and in my view at the time, caused emotional traumas to me at a very young age and throughout my teens. Even though……she actually made me a damn good Reiki Master, and a damn good Intuitive Coach! The traumas I had in my childhood shaped me into what I am best at today.  It is because I uncovered my traumas through self-work, and then transformed them, that I began to heal.

As women, we are often the caregivers of others which can cause stress, overextending ourselves without time to recoup. We need to be alert to changes within our bodies, knowing that keeping our bodies and minds healthy is incredibly important for us.  Reiki energy healing can benefit those suffering from stress, providing relaxation and a feeling of well-being.  Reiki energy healing can also provide an increase in physical energy as stress subsides. Some people report positive changes in motivation and success in their lives months after Reiki sessions.

Learn more about Reiki here.