Sundays at the Motherlode Exchange

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Healing Sessions

De-stress and relaxation – from a busy week and life

Chronic Pain – try Reiki for a break from pain

Clearing and Cleansing Energy – clear negative energy and increase positive energy for clarity, vision, and intuition

Ancestral Healing – resolve issues of past, present and future

Chakras and Auras – Re-energize and clear the Aura, Balance the Chakras

In addition to Reiki and Energy Healing, I use infrared crystal mat, stones and crystals, rattles, sage, sweetgrass and palo santo, pendulum, and an energy wand.

Intuitive Readings

An ancient practice designed to inspire you to use your intuition. Learn more about your authentic self in this lifetime or others on Earth.

Path to a Goal

New opportunities


Past, Present and Future

Life Path

Removing a block

And many more issues ……………….

Intuitive Readings are a fun way to understand our place in the world.