Intuitive Readings

What Are Intuitive Readings?

There is nothing spooky about it. Intuition is part of our nature. There is instinct which is unlearned, automatic behavior and there is intuition, an instinctual knowing which allows us to tap into those things which are unseen. Cultures around the world used intuitive techniques to help them with day to day decisions, with healing the body, mind and spirit, and to enrich their spiritual beliefs.

In Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Europe, people have been “divining” for thousands of years with many different techniques. Since the population is peopled here from Europe and Native Americans, popular divining methods are the Tarot and other Indigenous divining techniques.

Readings can be done with cards, runes, stones, tea leaves etc. These are tools in which the reader uses to become inspired by artwork, and symbols, using intuition as a guide.

Many people are clairvoyant, which means they have intuitive insight and usually follow what is felt or shown to them. Others are clairvoyant and do not use it, it is a choice. The more you use clairvoyance, the more comfortable you are with it.

Intuitive Readings and Coaching

Intuitive skills take years to develop sometimes, as the person goes back and forth with issues like religious beliefs and morality. Some religious groups feel “fortune telling and card reading” is evil and brings in evil forces. Intuitive readings are not fortune telling. I cannot tell you whether you will win the lottery or what numbers to play at the casino. This is not what I use my gift for. You can call 1-800 psychic for that!

I do Intuitive Readings and Coaching is for self development, using the cards for inspiration. I like to use cards that have beautiful artwork to help convey a message about a person’s state of mind, and what the possibilities are. I never use cards upside down, I do not believe in creating more negativity in a reading and there are plenty of cards in the deck which can be sobering and truthful without being negative.

As I read the cards, pictures pop up in my head, usually it is in the forehead region. I see pictures of people, things, situations etc. Then I ask the person about what I have seen and we discuss how this fits in their current situation and what to do with it. In readings, we are accessing the subconscious part of the brain where things are hidden, and bringing them out to the forefront so they can be dealt with.

I never tell you what you should do with your life. I show you what I see, you tell me what you see, and the rest is up to you.

The Cards

Many people are afraid of the cards. Really, they are just cards with pictures on them. Today there are many different types of cards, with the most popular being the Tarot. The Tarot goes back in time to the Middle East, some say Egypt, and then spread to Europe. The French and Italians used the Tarot as a game and later people claimed the Tarot as an “occult” tool, thus giving the deck a mysterious and possibly scary reputation.

In actuality, the cards represent archetypes which are symbols found in our subconscious. These examples represent parts of us and where we are in our stage of life, (the present), where we were, (the past) and possibly where we are headed if changes are not made, (the future). Sage, Innocent, Explorer, Ruler, Creator, Caregiver, Magician, Hero, Outlaw, Lover, Jester, and the average Person. There are other cards which are very similar to our current deck of cards, rods representing clubs, pentacles representing diamonds, cups representing hearts, and swords representing spades.

The “magic” happens when we can relate to a specific card, for example when the situation in our life matches the card that comes up. This is respresentative of what happens in our lives. We are constantly met by challenges and situations everyday, we also make decisions about these situations, some happen as a result of cause and effect and other things happen out of the blue, synchronicity, or seemingly out of nowhere we are helped through a situation which seemed unsolvable. We might call these blessings.

Intuitive Readings and Planning

The art of divining whichever tools you use with your intuition, is to keep yourself, “in the know”. The art is to keep the body, mind and spirit in alignment with the good side of the Universe, or God, or Divine Being. These decisions or choices we make can either keep us in harmony or throw us out of harmony causing ill behaviors or illness resulting from a weakened sense of self and spirit. Learning to “know” and “see” what is coming is a form of planning which we can benefit from. This is how ancient people planned for the future.

I perform intuitive readings from a variety of cards and I can also read without them. I prefer cards because it appeals to my sense of aesthetics. With each reading I use coaching skills to help interpret the meaning of the cards and how the meanings might apply to the person’s situation. Again, it is always up to you. I teach you how to interpret for yourself. I never want anyone dependent on me for interpretation. The goal is to teach you to read the cards yourself, objectively and for self growth.