Pathways To Healing

There are many paths to healing. Alternative healing practices give us a choice to heal with modalities we are comfortable with. There is also a feeling of empowerment to make these choices on our own and to be in charge of our health.

I offer Intuitive Reading and Coaching, and Ancestral Healing online. For more information Contact Me here.

Ancestral Healing and Epigenetics

This type of healing deals with Epigenetics. The study of how certain behaviors can become genetic and affect generations in the future. Family dysfunction can become locked in our genetic coding and is passed on to family members thus creating the same scenario our parents and grandparents went through. Sometimes a family member is affected but not knowing how or why they are affected. This is where Reiki can be of help.

Reiki helps one to relax and fall into a kind of meditative state. A person can then access their own intuitive skills to make a connection with their ancestors and find out more about the issues which led to dysfunction. Once you know the cause, you can fix it so future generations do not have to go through passed on traumas or the behaviors as a result of them.

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Intuitive Healing and Coaching

Intuitive Healing is the art of knowing and seeing the past, present and future. This comes from our instinctual gift of inner knowing, Intuition. Here we can learn to develop our sense of knowing and seeing to help us with planning our future.

For thousands of years, humans relied on instincts an intuition to survive. In recent times, things are done for us, as the technological era takes our common sense, intuition and instincts away from us. We are depending on things to make choices for us, rather than our own senses.

I provide Intuitive Readings with cards and without cards, yet I prefer the beautiful artwork of the cards for inspiration. I use coaching techniques to inspire you to interpret for yourself, as we read the cards together.

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Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient type of energy healing founded by a Buddhist monk, Mikao Usui. Master Usui developed a system of Reiki to be taught to those who wish to apply this method of healing in a humble and nurturing way. After going through training, the practitioner accesses energy in the form of “chi” or “ki”. This energy represents the flow of the Universe, the energy in all things. We have chi running through our bodies. The practitioner channels the Universal energetic flow into the chakras and into the meridians, working in the auric field. When there is illness of the mind, body or spirit, we can become out of balance and out of harmony with the Universal flow. Having a Reiki session helps to put us back into balance and into a more harmonious state of being. Once in balance healing can take place.

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